Texts From Trump

Texts From Donald Trump

Daily Quotes from The Donald for iPhone and iPad

Daily Texts From A Traitor

In light of recent events, as of January 2021, the Texts From Donald Trump app has been voluntarily pulled from the App Store and is no longer available for download.

We humbly suggest you try our other wholesome free app instead, Texts From Founding Fathers.

This website will remain as a placeholder listing the features previously available in this now defunct app.

No Longer Available for iPhone, iPad and Watch

Loved the quote you got? Shame on you, but you could tap the button to quickly share it to Facebook.

Hated the quote? You used to be able to tape the button to tell others about it!

Loved and hated quotes were easily recallable in the bookmarks screen.

Plus more cool features - now gone!

  • Tap and hold on the quote to copy it to the clipboard and paste it in other applications.
  • Install the included Today Widget to get the daily quote in Notification Center.
  • Search for quotes easily from Spotlight search. All quotes were indexed and searchable on your iOS device.
  • Loved/Hated quotes were easily accessible in the bookmarks screen, and synced across all devices in your iCloud account.
  • Split View was supported on iPad and iPad Pro.

Sticker Pack for iMessage

The app bundled a free pack of Trump stickers, previously available to use in any of your conversations in the Messages app.

Not quite as cartoonishly evil as inciting your seditious mob to violently overturn the American government! But it was cartoonish.

Get the Daily Quote on Watch

The quote of the day used to be quickly available from your Apple Watch.

You could either take a look at the quick Glance, or launch the Watch app directly.

Now gone!


Need support? Too bad, this app is gone and won’t be getting any more support or updates.

Instead, please check out the other applications from Catloaf Software, including similar apps like: